Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stop the oppressors...

Another human lost to the miserable world of "colateral damage"; another child killed by politicians who've lost all dignity and moral consciouness. Without talking in the language that anthropologists from the pentagon harvest for the neo-con media, without that ambigious word "terror", how does one set out to say the "politically incorrect" matter of the day ?

Look beyond the world of racism and religious bigotry. The stage of life, is not for some 'select', you're part of it. Decide your script, decide your play, lead an example for those who'll follow...

War is not a game - it's real, it's brutal.

Act Now.

Whether you're a teen or someone whose not far from being dug 6 feet under in the near future, play your part, don't shy away, it's not over. Be optimistic even under the most pessemistic, and sinister scene.

People are suffering injustices across the globe - why are you so docile ? Are you waiting for the script from the oppressors.

When will you snatch the tablet of life and curve your act ?